Online course: Intuitive Competences

This course is designed for coaches, (psycho)therapists, healers and guides that want to deepen their professional skills on an intuitive level. Maybe you feel like you’ve been using the same tools for a while and want to take a next step. Or you know you are ready to work more from your intuition, but you lack the schooling or the self-confidence to surrender to the unknown. Or you are just eager to learn more about the subtle energies in the healing relationship.

‘Intuitive Competences’ offers essential insights into energy-dynamics, to help you refine your practice on an individual level and in working with your clients.

Course Content

This course contains six teaching modules of around one hour each. Every module comes with a worksheet, which you can use to deepen your understanding and reflect on your own process. In addition, there is the option to connect with peers that are also following this course. You can use this course to deepen your professional skills, learn more about the subtle energies of the healing relationship and gain confidence about working in a more intuitively guided way.

Module 1. The healing relationship

Module 7. Transference, Countertransference and selfinquiery 

Module 2. Healthy Boundaries

Live Q&A session

Module 3. Connecting to Past, Present and Future

Module 4. Working from not-knowing.

Live Q&A session

Module 5. Resolving stuck energy

Module 6. Using your unique instrument

Interested in following this course? Send me a message and I will keep you posted about the start of this course!