About Milou

From an early age I experienced life as a cycle of living, dying and evolving into form again. I knew time and creation to be non-linear and had a deep memory and understanding of my dreams and visions. To me the world was and is a magical place in which all humans, animals and other lifeforms are intrinsically connected. I have always been deeply curious about our human experience with its possibilities and limitations and know that we are generally using just a small portion of our abilities, where plenty is available. Since my curiosity in this field was not met in school or other learning environments, I kept this mainly to myself and followed a regular path of studying for a while.

In my early twenties, after being in university for some years, I began to awaken again. I felt the deep calling to discover our humanness on all levels and set out on a spiritual journey, which led me to learn and work with many great teachers. I started meditating, got educated as an holistic psychotherapist and healer, had regular transformational experiences and memories and met many members of my soul-family with whom I started collaborating. In these years I gained tools to translate my inner knowing into ways of working with others and I soon started my own practice in Amsterdam. Over the last eight years I have had the honor of working with many people from all ages and walks of life, both individually and as a teacher in courses and retreats. To be a teacher and a student at the same time, brings me great pleasure. Life never stops evolving and, going with its flow, I intent to never stop learning. I know that I can only function as a guide to others as long as I keep doing my own inner work and I am dedicated to deepen my ability to make space for something bigger to work through me.

Since 2020 I am the co-owner of School of Life, institute for multidimensional therapy and one of my big loves in life! Find out more about my and our offerings at http://www.schooloflife.nl



  • School of Life, institute for holistic psychotherapy. Healing, Reading and integrative body-based psychotherapy. (5 years) Netherlands
  • HBO Medische Basiskennis (basic medical knowledge)
  • Praktisch werken met DSM (working with Diagnostic and Statistic Manual)
  • Thomas Hubl. Mystical Principles of Healing.
  • Thomas Hubl. Meditate and Mediate.
  • Thomas Hubl. Transparent Communication.

Besides my formal training I have attended courses and received teachings in healing, reading, multidimensional awareness and pre- and perinatal psychology from Joanne van Wijgerden, Elaine von Nuding, Lee Harris, Carmen o’Dwyer and Anna Verwaal.

A big inspiration are the ethereal teachings of Yeshua and the Magdalenes, Babaji, Adama and the Pleiadians.