Online Course: Free Your Energy

Free Your Energy

Our human blueprint contains all our potential, available for us to use. Imagine having full access to your potential: your creativity would be flowing, your inspiration ongoing and your compassion endless. However, few of us connect to this potential on a daily basis. We are
often forgetting the power of our heart and our intuition and easily let
ourselves be guided by our mind, our fears or our past.

In this course we explore how to connect to your potential and how to free any stuck or stored energy that is no longer serving you. You will learn how to connect to your energybodies and how to access your inner knowledge. You can use this course to prepare yourself for taking a next step in your personal life or career or as an inspiration for living a daily life filled with magic!

Content of the course

The course is divided into seven video-modules of around one hour. In these sessions we will explore the various topics in depth. That means both getting an understanding of the topic, as well as experiencing the energies that are connecting to it. Each module comes with a worksheet with questions and suggestions to deepen your individual practice. After each module there is an additional guided meditation to deepen your energetic connection to the course and integrate your insights in the physical.

Module 1. Connecting to your energy-bodies.

Module 2. Charging and discharging your energy (flow and blockages)

Module 3. Grounding in heaven and earth

Module 4. Energetic boundaries and saying yes to life

Module 5. Biographical imprints

Module 6. Collective empaths.    

Module 7. Connecting to your ancestral lineage and coming home to yourself.

This course is currently in the making. More content will be available soon. Interested in joining? Send me a message and I will keep you in the loop!